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ESD blue heel strap
Product Decriptions:

Material: Synthetic rubber

Color: blue / black

Surface resistance: black layer 103-106Ω blue layer 106-109Ω

Conductive tape: resistance to ground 106Ω

Length: 400-450mm

Thickness: 1.8±0.1mm

Color: blue


In some cases where mobility is required, the conductive shoes or grounding foot ring become a substitute for the functional grounding wrist strap, and the grounding foot ring is more economical than the conductive shoe. The grounding foot ring has no grounding wire and is free. Walking in the range of conductive floor mats is a highly mobile studio or warehouse. The grounding foot ring needs to be used together with a conductive floor mat. The principle is to use the conductive webbing placed in the socks to produce the human body. Static electricity is discharged to the ground through the grounding foot ring, conductive ground pad, and grounding wire. Therefore, the conductive webbing on the grounding leg ring needs to be in contact with the skin. In order to ensure that the grounding leg ring can continuously contact the floor mat, the user needs both feet. Wear a grounding foot ring to avoid the possibility of static electricity protection when walking.

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