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Product Decriptions:

Size:1.2m x 200m/roll,thickness 0.05mm-0.15mm
Surface resistance:10e6-10e9

Low adhesive, medium adhesive and high adhesive are available.

We have sigle side or double sides with ESD function can be offered.


PET protective film, also known as film high temperature resistant polyester film, has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency, and recyclability. It can be applied to magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial film. , packaging and other fields.

With the development of special functional films, new uses of polyester films have emerged. Can be produced into a mobile phone LCD protective film, LCD TV protective film, mobile phone buttons, and so on.

PET film is a relatively comprehensive packaging film. The transparency is good and shiny; the PET protective film has good air tightness and aroma retention; the moisture resistance is moderate, and the moisture permeability decreases at low temperatures. PET film has excellent mechanical properties, its toughness is the best among all thermoplastics, tensile strength and impact strength are much higher than general film; and it has good strength and dimensional stability, suitable for secondary processing such as printing and paper bags. .

The PET protective film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, and good chemical resistance and oil resistance. However, it is not resistant to strong alkali; it is easy to carry static electricity, and there is no proper antistatic method. Therefore, attention should be paid when packaging powdery articles.

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