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Product Decriptions:

Power consumption: 16W/30W/50W/60W (50/60 Hz)

Plug: Chinese plug, American plug, European plug are available

Product size: 220×270×168mm (W×H×D)

Net weight: 1.5Kg/pcs

Annex: 1 piece of activated carbon sponge in each box

Packing: 1pcs/box, 12 boxes/CTN, G.W. 14.2KG/CTN, 71 X 37 X 63cm/CTN


1.It can effectively and quickly eliminate the poisonous gas produced during welding, and ensure the health of the workers

2.Equipped with special rear cover, can be connected with 10cm diameter PVC air duct

3.It can adjust the angle, improve the filtration efficiency, adopt the high performance fan with low noise, and the suction
is strong

4.The structure is simple, and the replacement of the activated carbon filter piece is convenient and quick

5.The filter is made of special foam with refined activated carbon, which has high suction and flux absorption properties

6.The whole system is made of antistatic conductive material

7.16W, 30W and 60W are available

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