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Soldering tips
900M-T series
Product Decriptions:

900M-T-K large knife edge, 900M-T-K large knife edge thin, 900M-T-SK small knife edge thickness, 900M-T-SK small knife edge thin, 900M-T-short K thickness, 900M-T-short K thin, 900M-T-K Short knife thickness, 900M-T-K short knife thin, 900M-T-I tip, 900M-T-SI curved tip, 900M-T-B round head, 900M-T-0.8B round head, 900M-T-B short round head, 900M- T-1C horseshoe Tsui, 900M-T-2C, 900M-T-3C, 900M-T-4C, 900M-T-1.2D flat nozzle, 900M-T-1.6D, 900M-T-2.4D, 900M-T -3.2D.

1, pure copper production, high thermal conductivity, heat transfer is very fast, long life, normal use of solder joints not less than 30,000, easy to tin, do not climb tin, not sticky tin.
2, special alloy layer plating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
3, special processing, suitable for lead-free soldering
4, strong ability to tin, not oxidized
5, head size: head is a horseshoe-shaped 45 ° oblique mouth, diameter 1 mm, suitable for welding
6, the scope of use: for 900M, 900M-ESD, 907, 907-ESD, 933 soldering iron handle, 936, 937, 938 series soldering station for.

Tip of choice:
1. Size
A. Size of the solder joint: Choosing the right camel head according to the size of the solder joint can make the work smoother. The tip is too small and the temperature is not enough; too much, there will be a lot of solder melting, and the series control is difficult.
B. Solder Joint Intensiveness: Soldering on denser boards, using a finer tip can reduce the chance of tin bridge formation.
2. Shape
A. Types of soldering components: Different types of electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, SOJ chips, and SOP chips, require the cooperation of different soldering iron tips to improve work efficiency.
B. Easiness of solder joint contact. If the solder joint location is surrounded by some higher electronic components and is difficult to contact, a longer and younger tip can be used.
C. Tin content: If more tin is needed, a soldering iron tip with a larger tinned surface area can be used.

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