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KN95 face masks with breather valve
Product Decriptions:


Product name: Protective face masks KN95 with exhalation valve
Specifications: 150x 140mm
Material description: PP non-woven fabric with inner and outer layers. PP melt-blown non-woven, electrostatic filter cotton, adhesive filter layer and activated carbon layer intermediate filter layer. (total six layers)
Earband material: elastic band.
Executive standard: in accordance with FFP2 and GB2626-2006 KN95 standard.
Certificates: CE (EN149:2001).
Function: Anti-haze, PM2.5, anti-dust particles, etc.
Breathing resistance: inspiratory resistance ≤350, expiratory resistance ≤250
Filtration efficiency: ≥95%
Application: City commuting, home improvement, industrial protection, etc.
Validity: three years

3D three-dimensional: three-dimensional cut, wearable.
High fit: Plastic nose bridge can be molded for better fit.
Strong breathability: breathable fabric, comfortable and not stuffy.
Beautiful and durable: seamless blanking technology, strong and durable.
If you use the mask daily for 6-7 hours, it is recommended to replace it with a new one a week. When the mask is damaged or the breathing resistance increases, replace it with a new one.

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