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Product Decriptions:

Product introduction:
Built-in advanced microcomputer, digital adjustment / display system.

The plug-in type monitors and adjusts the temperature of the soldering tip. Once the required temperature is set, the set temperature cannot be changed unless the key card is reinserted. The operation is easy and simple.

The handle is particularly lightweight and will not feel tired for long periods of use.
The soldering tip and heating element are shared with the 900 series. Users of the 927 can easily switch to 937.
The molten tin on the soldering tip flows into the soldering iron frame and does not spill over the workbench.
The split design makes it easy to place and saves working space.
All 937 soldering stations have the function of removing static electricity, which is safe and reliable, and has excellent functions.
When the temperature is selected, Fahrenheit and Celsius can be arbitrarily selected.
Handle model 907
Power consumption AC 24V-50W
Ground impedance 2 below
Leakage voltage below 2mV (average 0.6mV)
Heating core High quality A1321 ceramic heating core with advanced micro computer, digital adjustment / display system.

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