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Product Decriptions:


1. The heating state can be changed due to the temperature sensor message. The three-stage heating program can be set to provide flexible and convenient temperature, air volume and time control, so that the work requiring high precision is standardized.
2. The air outlet of HAKKO hot air welding station adopts a new mechanical design to reduce the irregular temperature of hot air.
3. With a wind meter to provide fast and accurate air volume adjustment.
4. The air outlet is provided with a vacuum pipette.
5. With automatic cooling function, the temperature inside the nozzle sleeve is turned off to 100 °C to prevent the heating element from overheating.
6. HAKKO hot air welding station has a power saving function (optional 30 minutes / 60 minutes / ∞), the system will automatically send hot air when the set time is reached.
7. With temperature correction function.
8. With a lock card function, to avoid setting data is arbitrarily changed.
9. Save work space design.
10. Remove static electricity design.

Product parameters:



Power consumption

220V/570W(30W/4Wstandby mode)

Air volume


Temperature control

100~500℃(use A1126B)


160W*145H*230D mm




Power consumption

Length (excluding wires)

Gun weight (excluding wires)

220V/540W 200mm


Packing list:

Product manual QTY

FR-803 Console

Spray gun 1pcs
Lock card 1pcs
Power cable 1pcs
Gun bracket 1pcs
Vacuum pipette adjustment(L) 2pcs
Suction pad(3mm/5mm/7.6mm) 2pcs

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