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Wrist strap tester
Product Decriptions:

This wrist strap tester is a complete body grounding system. When the wrist strap is still on the operator's wristband, the connector will be checked for connectivity. Red LED and audible alarm display error connection (Fail HI), red light and audible alarm display low resistance (Fail LO). Green LED display correct grounding (OK). Test parameters are factory set to 800K-10M, according to the requirements of support Adjustment. The instrument is equipped with a 9V battery to detect continuous paths between the operator, the wrist strap and the ground wire. With a test voltage of 9v DC, the instrument is designed to be flawless and harmless to the human body.

1. When wearing the wrist strap, insert the banana plug into the connection.
2. Tap the metal test button and the instrument can be used.
3. The green "OK" LED shows that the wrist strap and grounding wire are working properly.
4. If the red light "FAIL LO" or the yellow light "FAIL HI" LED and alarm sound, the operator should immediately check the wrist strap.

Technical Parameters:

Wrist strap 10MΩ
LED indicates resistance value (+5%)
HI(RED) 10MΩ above ON
LO(RED) 800KΩ below ON
Accuracy 99%
Weight: 145g
Dimensions: 90 mm* 70mm * 31 mm

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